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Department of Animal Sciences


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Faculty Information
Committee Assignments 2014-2016

Undergraduate Program

Saundra TenBroeck/Ex Officio-Chair
Joel Yelich
Todd Thrift
Tracy Scheffler
Lori Warren
Steffi Wohlgemuth

Information Technology

Matt Hersom-Chair
Charlie Staples
Mauricio Elzo
KC Jeong
John Bromfield

Awards Committee

Cliff Lamb-Chair
John Arthington
Toni Oltenacu
Jose Santos

Scholarship Committee

Saundra TenBroeck-Chair
Chad Carr
Raluca Mateescu
Emily Miller-Cushon

Social Committee

Pete Hansen- Chair
Albert DeVries
Carissa Wickens


Joel McQuagge-Chair
Tim Hackmann
Jason Scheffler
John Driver
Samantha Brooks

Graduate Program Committee

Gbola Adesogan/Ex Officio-Chair
Corwin Nelson
Sally Williams
Chris Mortensen
Nicolas DiLorenzo

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Smith-Lever 100th Anniversary

The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 established the Cooperative Extension Service, which allows us all to benefit from the knowledge of our land-grant universities. Extension has helped millions of Floridians by tapping the latest information from the research engines of the University of Florida and Florida A&M and converting it into practical knowledge we use every day.

Solutions for Your Life

UF/IFAS Extension maintains an easy-to-use, comprehensive Web site, Solutions for Your Life.

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