University of Florida

Youth Judging Classes

Beef Carcasses

Class 1 (.pdf 241KB) Class 2 (.pdf 250KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 798KB) Class 4 (.pdf 1.2MB)
Class 5 (.pdf 396KB) Class 6 (.pdf 602KB)
Class 7 (.pdf 653KB) Class 8 (.pdf 700KB)
Class 9 (.pdf 1.14MB) Class 10 (.pdf 533KB)
Class 11 (.pdf 614KB) Class 12 (.pdf 590KB)
Class 13 (.pdf 931KB) Class 14 (.pdf 649KB)
Class 15 (.pdf 971KB) Class 16 (.pdf 739KB)
Class 17 (.pdf 288KB) Class 18 (.pdf 261KB)

Beef Ribs

Class 1 (.pdf 714KB) Class 2 (.pdf 109KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 202KB) Class 4 (.pdf 73KB)
Class 5 (.pdf 1.26MB) Class 6 (.pdf 723KB)
Class 7 (.pdf 731KB) Class 8 (.pdf 827KB)
Class 9 (.pdf 486KB) Class 10 (.pdf 1.0MB)
Class 11 (.pdf 392KB) Class 12 (.pdf 248KB)

Beef Rounds

Class 1 (.pdf 201KB) Class 2 (.pdf 1.01KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 207KB)  

Beef Loins

Class 1 (.pdf 618KB) Class2 (.pdf 964KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 363KB) Class 4 (.pdf 393KB)

Beef Short Loins

Class 1 (.pdf 759KB) Class 2 (.pdf 691KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 422KB) Class 4 (.pdf 495KB)
Class 5 (.pdf 807KB)  

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Pork Carcass

Class 1 (.pdf 111KB) Class 2 (.pdf 137KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 248KB) Class 4 coming soon
Class 5 (.pdf 336KB) Class 6 (.pdf 220KB)
Class 7 (.pdf 654KB)  

Pork Hams

Class 1 (.pdf 170KB) Class 2 (.pdf 383KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 71KB) Class 4 (.pdf 391KB)
Class 5 (.pdf 511KB) Class 6 (.pdf 453KB)
Class 7 (.pdf 393KB) Class 8 (.pdf 266KB)
Class 9 (.pdf 153KB) Class 10 (.pdf 580KB)


Class1 (.pdf 292KB) Class2 (.pdf 2564KB)
Class 3 (.pdf 328KB) Class 4 (.pdf 192KB)
Class 5 (.pdf 71KB) Class 6 (.pdf 629KB)
Class 7 (.pdf 329KB) Class 8 (.pdf 423KB)
Class 9 (.pdf 392KB) Class 10 (.pdf 198KB)
Class 11 (.pdf 266KB) Class 12 (.pdf 261KB)
Class 13 (.pdf 257KB)  

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Retail Cut Placing

Pork Blade Steaks (.pdf 193KB) Retail Class
(.pdf 428KB)
Pork Loin 1
(.pdf 337KB)
Pork Loin 2
(.pdf 175KB)

Retail Identification (to do)

2001 (.pdf 203MB) 2002 (.pdf 759KB)
2003 (.pdf 1.47MB) 2004 (.pdf 1.59MB)
2005 (.pdf 1.26MB) 2006 (.pdf 6.51MB)
2007 (.pdf 4.97MB) 2008A (.pdf 2.67MB)
2008B (.pdf 1.86MB) 2009A (.pdf 1.81MB)
2010 (.pdf .60MB) 2011 (.pdf 8.60MB)
2012A (.pdf 654KB) 2012B (.pdf 9.19MB)


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Smith-Lever 100th Anniversary

The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 established the Cooperative Extension Service, which allows us all to benefit from the knowledge of our land-grant universities. Extension has helped millions of Floridians by tapping the latest information from the research engines of the University of Florida and Florida A&M and converting it into practical knowledge we use every day.

Solutions for Your Life

UF/IFAS Extension maintains an easy-to-use, comprehensive Web site, Solutions for Your Life.

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