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Welcome to the home for youth programs at the University of Florida's Department of Animal Sciences! On these pages, you can find details about upcoming events, results of past events, and plenty of helpful resources.

**2015 Animal Sciences Events Summary**

Click above for your quick reference guide to Horse & Livestock events, dates, and deadlines.

-- New 4-H Age Policy beginning next year (2015-16) --

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2015 Area & State Horse Show Rulebook is Online!

Horse Judging Reasons Workshop
Open to 4-H & FFA members. Register by February 25.
State 4-H Hippology Contest
Open to Intermediate & Senior 4-H members. Register by March 11.
Per county: 2 Intermediate teams of up to 4, and any number of Senior-only teams.
UF Animal Science, Gainesville
State 4-H Horse Judging Contest
Up to 2 Senior 4-H teams per county.
Register by March 27.
UF Horse Teaching Unit, Gainesville
State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest
One Senior 4-H team per county.
Register by April 3.
UF Horse Teaching Unit, Gainesville
State 4-H Meats Judging Contest
One Senior 4-H team and one Intermediate team per county.
Register by April 11.
UF Meats Sciences Center, Gainesville

Contact your local 4-H Agent to enter or ask about county participation requirements.

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Florida 4-H
Florida FFA
Florida FFA
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