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Bad Beef Evaluation Cards

Livestock Judging Contest

The problems in these examples probably arose from not understanding what is expected regarding evaluation, rather than not understanding the card. There should only be one Quality Grade and one Yield Grade chosen for each animal. Once cards like this are turned in, there's not much we can do to resolve the problem.


The top portion (Quality Grade) of this card is filled out correctly. (There were only four animals to evaluate.)

However, there were too many answers given for each animal for Yield Grade. There should only be one answer per animal, not one per line. Instead of looking for the correct response among the list of guesses, this person received a zero on this portion.

bad quality grade card


This card has a similar problem to the one above, but the top portion has too many answers given. Instead of giving one Quality Grade, this person chose one box from each grade range. Again, a zero was given for this portion.

The bottom section is completed correctly.

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