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Bad Placing Cards

Livestock, Horse, Meats Judging Contests

We understand that many of the juniors at the State Fair contest were not familiar with the cards and probably completed cards similar to the ones below. So, we took the time to do some editing so their scores would be recorded even if the scanner couldn't read their cards originally. However, at the State contest we expect the Seniors to be more careful and we will not make so many corrections.

Bad Placing Card - diagonals



This card was filled out by putting a light diagonal line through the boxes instead of darkening them in. The scanner will not read those marks if left as they were. You can see how we went back and darkened some of the original marks more so they were readable.

Bad Placing Card - messy



The marks on this card were just too messy and haphazard. There are a lot of smears where early choices were not erased completely. We ended up having to hand enter a few of these placings.

Bad Placing Card - over marked


This person attempted to be neat, but filled in the whole number area instead of just the outlined rectangles. Some of those boxes crossed over into areas for a different number so the scanner reads it as an error.

Plus, they also shaded in the arrows on the left and the ends of the pencil drawing above the team number boxes (though that part of the card is not included in this picture). Unnecessary pencil marks on the cards should be avoided as they confuse the scanner's reading.

One more thing to point out here. In class 2, the number of the second place animal was not filled in. Because the animal numbers were written on the side (and process of elimination), we were able to correct that.


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