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Evaluation/Keep-Cull Card

Livestock Judging Only

This card is used for three class:

  • Swine Grading
  • Feeder Cattle Grading
  • Female Selection (Keep-Cull)

Darken your selections at the end of a class when you are sure of them. If you have to erase, do so completely, but do not rub through the surface of the card. It might be helpful to make notes on a separate paper before filling in your final decisions on the card.

Evaluation Card sample


Click here to print just the card.

Name and county should be written legibly.
-Team number written on the side, with corresponding number darkened.
-Individual number, within the team, written and number darkened.

For the swine grading portion, you will be making three determinations on the same four animals.

-Indicate whether the muscling on each animal is superior, average, or inferior bydarkening the corresponding box.

-Evaluate the last rib fat thickness of each animal and then darken in the range in which it falls.

-Determine the USDA grade and fill in if each animal is Grade 1, 2, 3, or 4.

For feeder cattle grading, you will be making two determinations on up to five animals.

-Fill in the frame size of each animal - either large, medium, small, or inferior.

-Determine if each animal is a 1, 2, or 3 muscle thickness.

Female selection classes will have six to eight animals each (could be cattle or swine) and you determine which four to keep for the given scenario. Darken the four numbers of the females you would "keep" in each class.


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