University of Florida

Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships - PLANNING

August 1-5, 2018

Arriving at the Georgia National Fairgrounds


**Please note: no horses will be allowed on the grounds before 8am, Wed., Aug. 1.**

This is set by the showgrounds and SR show management has no authority to make exceptions.

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Take the GA 224 exit off of I-75 (exit #135), and go west on GA 224. You will be passing the fairgrounds on your right. Continue to Elko Road, turn right, then turn right into the East entrance of the GNFA. If you do not already know your barn/stall assignment, you will receive it at the gate. Proceed to your barn and unload. Later, walk over to the Show Information Office in the Covered Arena to pick up your entry packet.

Stalls have concrete floors and will not be bedded.

A reminder from your "Horse Show Information" pdf:

Exhibitors may bring mats to place under the shavings. Shavings will be available for purchase. Exhibitors may bring their own shavings if they prefer, so long as they follow the specifications listed below (per grounds management). The normal shavings office hours are from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. The shavings office is located at the east end of the horse barn.

Accepted forms of payment are cash and credit card only; checks will not be accepted. All shavings that are used in the horse barn must meet the following specifications and standards:

  1. Only bagged shavings allowed.
    • Shavings must be compressed and in plastic bags.
    • Plastic bags must be heat sealed, no external closures of bags allowed, such as staples, string, glue, wire, etc
  2. Only pure pine flake shavings allowed, no other treatment allowed.
  3. All bagged shavings must be heat dried (kiln process).
  4. No lumber mill waste or by-products of any type.
  5. All bags must have company name, address, & phone num. printed on bag.
  6. All bags must have compressed and expanded volumes printed on the bag.

Layout of the Facility

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Click the picture for an overview of the facility layout. To see photos of the main locations, click here for a tour.




Golf Cart Rental - TBD for 2018