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Florida 4-H Horse Program
- General Info, Project Materials & Help

Philosophy and Goals of the Florida 4-H Horse Program


Elaine Kier Memorial Outstanding Volunteer Leader Award
Nominate an outstanding Horse Program volunteer leader for this state-wide award. The winner will be Florida's nominee for the National AYHC Volunteer of the Year Award.


The Area and State 4-H Horse Show age divisions are:
- Juniors are 8-10 as of September l of the current 4-H year.
- Seniors must be 14 years old on or before September l of the current 4-H year.
- Intermediates (11-13 as of September l of the current 4-H year) have the option of competing in either the Junior or Senior division. Intermediates may qualify for Regionals provided they compete and qualify in the Senior Division in both the Area and State shows. Intermediates who do not wish to compete for potential qualification for Regionals should enter the Junior division at the Area show.

Horse Lease Form - to be used beginning 2012 project year.
- Lease form background & Help

Horse Project Book (pdf) - Current version of 4HHSR02, which should be in use now.

Horseman of the Year (pdf) - the Florida 4-H Portfolio process has detailed procdures for the new online application. Review the page thoroughly, and also be sure to look specifiaclly at this Equine Scholarship Summary for the additional requirements!

Area & State 4-H Horse Show Rules

State 4-H Advisory Board Members
- Minutes from October, 2017 meeting
- Minutes from March, 2018 meeting
- Next meeting, March 7, 2018 at the UF HTU

Florida Helmet Law and how it affects 4-H programs

Setting County 4-H Horse Show Policies

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4-H kids with horse