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Ranch Classes Clinic & Samples

The video clips below were taken at UF during a clinic for the new Ranch classes -- Ground Handling, Ranch Roping, and Working Cow Horse Boxing. The second section will have sample maneuvers with commentary.

All videos are in .mp4 format.

Ground Handling


Introduction to Ground Handling

Basics of what is Ground Handling and how it is different from Showmanship, attire, horse turnout, tack, what maneuvers are asked. [7:52min/209MB]
Smaller version for mobile viewing (66.4MB)

Square-up, Backing, Moving FH/HQ, Sidepass

Why it is important to square-up, practicing backing, moving the forehand away (turn on the haunches), moving the hindquarters away (turn on the forehand), putting together both turns to teach sidepass. What might receive a "+" score. [8:18min/210MB]
Smaller version for mobile viewing (70.9MB)

Backing Horse Away from Handler

How to approach training the horse to back away, what earns more credit, recognize small responses and reward. [5:41min/161MB]
Smaller version for mobile viewing (48.5MB)

Lowering the Horse's Head

Why your horse should drop his head to pressure, two different approaches, release when horse yields. [3:44min/101MB]
Smaller version for mobile viewing (31.5MB)

Trotting the Horse

Run naturally by horse's side. Don't walk or run in an artificial form. [3:06min/90MB]
Smaller version for mobile viewing (26MB)


Sample Ground Handling Maneuvers

The maneuvers and pattern excerpts below are not meant to be examples of "ideal" performances. In fact, they intentionally include a range of performances so the discussion could include what was done well, and what could be improved.


Videos will be added soon!

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