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Florida 4-H State Horse Show
 -Schooling & Over Fences Classes

If you have entered an over fences class (classes 40-44), you are eligible for one, and possibly two, schooling trip(s). A $10 fee will be charged for each warm-up trip. If Hunter Hack is your only over fences class, you are not eligible for a schooling trip.

For reference, this is the order of the Schooling and Hunter Over Fences classes in the schedule:

--Schooling warm-up Trip A, 2’3” -or- 2’6”
42.   Jr. Equitation Over Fences
43a. Sr. Equitation Over Fences, small/med ponies
40.   Pony Working Hunter, 14.2 hands & under
43b. Sr. Equitation Over Fences, large ponies
--Schooling warm-up Trip B, 3’
43c. Sr. Equitation Over Fences, horses
41.   Working Hunter, over 14.2 hands, no ponies
44.   Handy Hunter

A note on class #43, Sr. Equitation Over Fences:  First thing you’ve probably noticed is that class 43 appears as A, B, and C sections. It is still one class, but it will be judged with an “Open Card.” That is, the judge will use the same card for all three sections, and will not place the class until it is complete at the end of the third section. So if/when you enter Sr. Equitation Over Fences, just choose class 43 and you will be automatically sorted into the appropriate section based on your horse’s height.

Which Schooling Trip to choose?

  • Schooling warm-up Trip A is intended for entries in classes 42, 43A, 40, 43B, and 44 (ponies) – choice of 2’3” or 2’6”
  • Schooling warm-up Trip B is intended for entries in class 43C, 41 & 44 – all 3’
  • However, riders may choose whichever trip they prefer, but may only choose one.
  • Exception!  Junior entrants riding horses (over 14.2 hands) are the only ones who may ride both in both Schooling Trips. This lets them warm up at 2'3" for their Equitation ride and then at 3' for their Working Hunter and/or Handy Hunter ride(s).

If you would like to sign up for your eligible schooling trip(s), you must indicate so on the online entry form and pay the $10 entry fee for each trip. On that online form, the option to enter a schooling trip will appear based on your horse height and classes entered.Those who choose Trip A will also be given a choice of 2’3” or 2’6”. If you pay for schooling and are not in one of classes 40-44, a schooling trip will not be granted and no refund will be given. No post entries will be accepted.

Schooling trips will be one at a time over a set course with an order of go like any other over fences class. Thursday morning before the first fences class, the 2’6” rides of Trip A will begin at 7:00 a.m., followed immediately by the 2’3” rides. The 3’ schooling Trip B rides will be between the Large Pony and Horse sections of Sr. Equitation O/F. Youth must wear boots, show number, and safety helmet for the schooling trip. No trainers will be allowed be in the ring, and after 3 refusals the rider will be excused.


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