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 -Barn & Stall Information

Stall assignments will not be available until at least three weeks after the registration deadline. When they are complete, we will post a link to them here.

Theme for barn/stall decorations:

The theme of the stall decorations can be whatever you want -- there is no universal theme that everyone should follow. Judging for the Emerald Award will take place anytime from noon Thursday until 4pm Friday, with the winners announced at the Awards Program on Saturday evening.

Policy of the State Fairgrounds! Any stalls that have silicone, liquid nails etc on them will be charged a clean-up fee of $100 per stall.  These materials are next to impossible or impossible to remove without compromising the surface of the concrete (sand blasting.)  Use of these damaging materials will be considered vandalism.

Barn/Stall Locations & Details

Fairground Barns

Even numbers: in all barns are on the inside.

Odd numbers:

  • Barn A - 1-45 is ringside, 47-91 is roadside
  • Barn B - 1-41 is schooling side, 43-83 is roadside
  • Barn C - 1-41 is pond side, 43-83 is roadside
  • Barn D - 1-61 is ringside, 63-123 is roadside
  • Barn E - 1-45 is ringside, 47-91 is roadside

Ranges of stall numbers include only the even or only the odd numbers. For example, stalls 10-18 would be only five stalls: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

Refer to this Fairgrounds site for layout diagrams of each barn.

Barn/Stall size details:

Stall size: 10'7" wide x 11'4" deep, with 6' walls

Stall door opening: 4'1" wide x 6' tall (walls are 5" thick)

Inside aisles: 12' wide

Outside overhang walkway: 9' wide

There is a board bolted along the top of the front side of the stalls which can be used to hang/attach stall decorations. Please do not use liquid nails or anything which leaves permanent residue on the concrete. To hang things on the interior of the stalls, you may attach your own boards to the sides and back of stalls with zip-ties through the windows.

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