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Area and State 4-H Horse Show Rules

2019 Area & State 4-H Horse Show Rulebook:

2019 Florida 4-H Area & State Horse Show Official Rules
 (Click above to download entire PDF rulebook)

-For an explanation of the procedure for Intermediates to be eligible to qualify for Regionals, read here.


Body Condition resource page for help meeting the new body condition rule.


Rulebook Receipt Form (<-click to download)
The State program is no longer requiring that this Rulebook Receipt form be collected from all participants at Area shows to be sent to the State if qualified. However we will continue to offer this form if Counties and/or Areas choose to require it on their own. Regardless if the form is collected or not, it is expected that all Area show participants still receive a rulebook in either printed or electronic form.

This “Acknowledgement of Receipt” form may be given with the rule book and signed by the youth and parent to acknowledge their responsibility to understand and follow it.

Bit Rules with Examples

Bit Details, 2019

(Other than exceptions to bit & rein use for Western Dressage [which are not covered in this summary], there have been no changes in bit rules since 2015. So any version of this document dated 2015-2019 still applies in 2019.)

This pdf file contains explanations of the bit rules with examples of acceptable and unacceptable bits. If there is any question about a bit being allowed at an Area show, please refer to this document. If there is still a question, take a few pictures and email them to your county 4-H Agent to forward for an official answer.

How to Check and Measure Bits

Step by step explanation of how to check bits to determine if they are acceptable for Area & State 4-H Horse Shows. It is only procedures and should be used with the Rulebook and Bit Supplement for reference.



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