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Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences

Get Involved

Involvement in extracurricular activities allows students to develop leadership and communication skills while providing professional networking opportunities essential to success following graduation.

Judging Teams

Preparation for competition in intercollegiate horse, livestock, and meats judging contest allow team members to learn, travel, develop professionalism, build lifelong friendships, network with students, faculty, and industry.

Students will enroll in 1 credit of ANS 4905 per each semester of participation. To learn more about each team contact the appropriate judging coach or speak with your advisor.

Horse Evaluation Melissa Tench
Livestock Evaluation Clay Roland
Meats Evaluation Kyle Mendes
Live Animal Chad Carr

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research provides students with valuable hands-on experiences and important connections with faculty and researchers that can translate into opportunities post-graduation

In order to participate you must connect with a faculty member conducting research and receive their approval to get involved as an undergraduate. See your advisor to learn more about receiving ANS 4911 credit.

CALS Honors Program

The CALS Honors Scholars Program is a formal upper-division honors program. Successful completion of the program will qualify students to graduate from UF magna cum laude or summa cum laude.

CALS Honors Program: Animal Sciences
Contact: Jimena Laporta