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ANS 6458 - Advanced Methods in Nutrition Technology

This three-credit graduate course is taught as an introduction to the feed and forage analysis and animal and laboratory experimentation procedures commonly used in nutrition. In addition to the conventional lecture format, the course consists of several laboratories that give students the opportunity for hands-on implementation of procedures involved in chemically analyzing feeds and animal products. Graduate nutrition majors are required to take this course. Dr. Adesogan is responsible for teaching about 35% of the lectures and coordinating all the guest lectures and labs for this team-taught course.

ANS 3440  - Principles of Animal Nutrition

This four-credit course is a required course for all Animal Sciences majors. It is a pre-professional course for the College of Veterinary Medicine, and a service course for other departments and colleges. The course provides an understanding of the science and terminology of animal nutrition, the nutritional requirements of different livestock species, nutritional anatomy, physiology and metabolism, feed evaluation and ration formulation.

ANS 6452  - Principles of Forage Evaluation

This two-credit graduate course aims to provide a fundamental understanding of the definitions, determinants, methods, and indices used in predicting forage quality. It explains interactions between forage quality, forage quantity, supplemental feeds, and animal potential, as a basis for conducting research in forage quality evaluation and utilization. In addition to the conventional lecture format, graduate students are assigned scientific journal articles to review in preparation for formal classroom debates. Graduate nutrition majors with a forage focus are required to take this course.

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