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General Horse Sales


Horses produced by the UF Equine Program have a significant presence in AQHA, APHC, NSBA, & APHA shows across the United States.  Many of our horses go on to have significant show careers. The UF horse program recognizes the benefits of getting well-bred horses into the hands of trainers and private individual’s committed to showing our off spring.  Visit our winners circle to learn more about the horses that represent the University of Florida.

Stallion owners and potential buyers are welcome to visit us to preview our horses throughout the year.  Generally, horses offered for sale prior to the programs annual Sale In The Swamp are selected based on the popularity of particular sires and mares, whether the sale of that off spring is beneficial to both the buyer and the UF Horse Program, and whether the program can meet its teaching, extension, and research demands for the upcoming year.  Buyers contemplating purchasing a younger horse out of the program for this purpose can expect an asking price in line with current industry prices.  Potential offers must be made before September 1st of the yearling year.  If you would like to inquire about a particular horse, message us on facebook, send us an email, or call us at 352-622-7084.     

Foal & Weanling

None available at this time.

Private Treaty
Horse Sales

None available at this time.

Sale in the Swamp
Performance Horse Sale

Sale Date:  April 18, 2020
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