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Sale in the Swamp - General Information


Sale Updates

Welcome to the 2020 Sale in the Swamp.  This years sale is starting to take shape so check back with us.  If you have any questions, you can message us on Facebook or send an email to

  • 2020 Tentative Catalog is now posted for viewing.  Click here to go to catalog or click button on the left.
  • March 1st - Pre-Sale Catalog will be made available online. Subject to changes.
  • April 8th - Final Sale catalog will be available.  This version will only change if we have a significant injury or issue with an animal.
  • April 18th - SALE DAY!!!

  • Contact Us

    Horse Information & Visitations

    General Sale Information

    Angela Chandler

    Office:  (352) 376-0562

    Horse Teaching Unit

    1934 SW 63rd Ave

    Gainesville, FL  32608

    Justin Callaham

    Office:  (352) 294-6754


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  • Sale Forms, Flyers, and Advertisements
  • Medical Disclosures

    No Medical Disclosures to report at this Time.

  • Pre-Sale Visits

    As the sale enters the final stretch, buyers are welcome to visit the Horse Teaching Unit in person on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Fridays between 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  We encourage buyers to visit us prior to auction day and spend some time with the horses, talk to the students, and visit with us to get any questions anwsered.  When sale day arrives, horse access will be limited since we will be preparing horses for the demonstration at 10 am and final auction at 1pm.  If buyers have any questions, please feel free to contact Justin Callaham at 352-376-0562.

    Location and Address:

    University of Florida
    Horse Teaching Unit
    1934 SW 63rd Ave
    Gainesville, FL  32608

  • Sale Results - Previous Years

    Sale in the Swamp Sale Statistics

    Sale YearNumber Horses SoldSale AverageSale Range
    201515$2,550$1,600 - $4,050
    201614$3,450$1,900 - $8,400
    201716$3,525$1,850 - $8,100
  • About Sale in the Swamp

    The University of Florida Equine Program produces its annual 2 year old performance horse sale each spring.  A capstone project that brings together years of hard work for many of our students, donors, alumni, and staff that demonstrates our programs commitment to education and production.  Many of our graduating seniors have had the opportunity to follow these young horses through the various courses offered as part of the Equine Sciences Program.  Our young horses are handled rountinely through our practicum courses such as...

    • Breeding
    • Foaling
    • Weanling Handling
    • and Psychology and Training

    The program breeds, trains, and sells 16 - 20 head each year in this sale.  Our students are involved each step of the way with the sale proceeds returning to the program helping us achieve an outstanding teaching, research, and extension program.

  • Pre-Show Season / Private Treaty Sales

    Horses produced by the UF Equine Program have a significant presence and success in AQHA shows across the country.  The program recognizes the benefits of getting well-bred horses into the hands of trainers and private individual’s committed to showing our off spring. 

    Potential buyers are welcome to visit us to preview our foals and weanlings throughout the year.  Generally, horses offered for sale prior to Sale in the Swamp are selected based on the popularity of particular sires and mares, whether the sale of that off spring is beneficial to both the buyer and the UF Horse Program, and whether the program can meet its teaching/research demands for the upcoming year.  Buyers contemplating purchasing a younger horse out the program for this purpose can expect an asking price in line with current industry prices.  Potential offers must be made before September 1 of the yearling year.  Individuals interested in scheduling a visit may contact Nick Carden at 352-622-7084 or