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Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences


Equine extension faculty and instructors have expertise in equine management, health, genetics, nutrition and reproduction.

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Dr. Carissa Wickens Was Quoted In Wallethub’s Piece About The Kentucky Derby!

What measures should be adopted to better protect the health and well-being of race horses? The equine industry is deeply invested in safeguarding the health and well-being of horses and jockeys. Race track accreditation,...

Looking Out For Florida’s Springs

Carissa Wickens, Ph.D., assistant professor, UF/IFAS, Equine Extension Specialist is Looking out for Florida's Springs! Learn how a research project about horse waste in collaboration with the District’s FARMS program...

2019 Kentucky Derby Facts & History

Saundra TenBroeck, Ph.D. is featured in a WalletHub’s article about 142nd Kentucky Derby. READ MORE |  RELATED INFORMATION


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