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Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences

State 4-H Horse Demonstrations, Public Speaking, and Quiz Bowl

Deomonstrations, Public Speaking, and Quiz Bowl, Gainesville.
June 20, 2020
Quiz Bowl and Speech contests entry due by June 1

The information below (and linked) was for the 2018 event and has not been updated for 2019. There may be a change to the list of Quiz Bowl references for '20. Othere than that, many of the details are similar year to year, so this may be used as a reference. The eligibility procedures will be the same (aside from the dates). Check back here as the event draws closer for more current information.

Event Description

The State 4-H Horse Events will be held in Gainesville at the Animal Sciences Building on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. This event will include the State Horse Demonstration/Illustrated Talk contest, Horse Public Speaking contest, and Horse Quiz Bowl. Like in recent years, interviews for Horseman of the Year and the Dallas C. Osborne Horsemanship Scholarship are not part of this event - those interviews will be in Tampa before the State 4-H Horse Show. First and second place participants in the Individual Demonstration, Team Demonstration, Public Speaking, and Quiz Bowl Contests will earn the right to compete at the Regional competition in Perry, GA. The Regional contests are July 31 & August 1, the same week as 4-H University, thus the need to hold this contest much earlier than Congress. The first place winners at the State contest are also eligible to compete at Eastern Nationals in Louisville, KY in November.

  • "In a nutshell" Entry Review

    Horse Quiz Bowl
    --County Agent submits online registration form by May 24 (goes to Wendy DeVito)
    --Counties may enter 1 Senior team and one Jr/Int team
    --Team (coach) submits 30 questions by May 31 to Wendy DeVito

    Horse Public Speaking
    --County Agent submits online registration form by May 31 (goes to Wendy DeVito)
    --Copies of speech no longer need to be submitted ahead of time.
    --If someone outside of the County office completes form, 4-H Agent will be contacted to confirm qualification eligibility

    Horse Individual & Team Demonstrations
    --County Agent submits online registration form by May 31 (goes to Wendy DeVito)
    --If someone outside of the County office completes form, 4-H Agent will be contacted to confirm qualification eligibility

    Horseman of the Year and Dallas C. Osborne Scholarships
    --Refer to the Florida 4-H Equine Scholarship Summary for scholarship requirements specifically for these two Equine scholarships (some requirements are in addition to the regular scholarship application)
    --Submit Scholarship Application Portfolio by June 1 (goes to Tara Mercurio)
    --4-H Agents of applicants will be called with interview status
    --Interviews of finalists at State 4-H Horse Show in Tampa on July 10

  • Eligibility

    Even though this competition will be held at a different time than 4-H University, elegibility for the Horse topic speaking events is still determined at County or District Events.

    • Horse Demonstration/Illustrated Talk entrants qualify from County to District to State -- all District blue level Senior demonstrations qualify for State.
    • Horse Public Speaking entrants qualify from the County directly to State -- first place Senior County Horse Public Speaking qualifies for State.

    All of these State events are for Seniors only, just like most other 4-H University events (14 & over as of September, 1, 2018).

  • Registration

    The above parameters determine who is eligible to participate at the Horse Events, not necessarily who is planning to participate. Because the Horse Events are at a different time and location from 4-H University, please register online (not open yet) by May 31 for this event separately if your qualified youths plan to participate in these contests. Entries received will have their eligibility confirmed before the vent date.

  • Horse Quiz Bowl - **Jr/Int option for 2019**

    The State 4-H Horse Bowl is open to one Senior team and one Jr/Int team per county without qualifying. Register online by May 24. Senior teams should be 4 or 5 members who are 14 or over (as of September 1, 2018). There will also be a Jr/Int Division so counties may enter one 4 or 5 member team of J/Int aged youth as well (8 to 13 on 9/1/18). However, at least two Senior teams must be entered for the contest to be held (i.e., if only one senior team and 4 Jr/Int teams enter, the contest for all ages will be cancelled). Please note that a county does not need to enter a Senior team in order to enter a Jr/Int team. However, a total of two or more Senior teams must be entered in order for the competition in either division to take place. See the registration sections above for info on how to register.

    This double elimination quiz bowl contest offers horse club members the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and earn the right to represent Florida at the regional and national competition. A detailed description of this competition can be found in the 4-H publication #4H504. In order to participate in the state Quiz Bowl contest, a team must submit 30 questions to the Animal Science office by May 31, 2019. Question difficulty should reflect the age division of the team. Details on references used and question categories may be found on these pages.