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Florida Hog & Ham Program

Prerequisite Workshop: January 21, 2019
Harvesting Week:
August 13-15, 2019
UF Meats Processing Center, Gainesville

Workshop ('19)
Schedule ('19)
Participant Application Form ('19)
Guidelines & Procedures ('19)
Hog & Ham Manual, 2018 (rev.'13)
Project Book, 2018 (rev. '17)

Meat Retail Audit, '18 (rev. '17)
Harvesting Week ('18)
"Thank you" Addresses
Demonstration Day
Demonstration Scoresheet [pdf]

The Florida 4-H Hog and Ham Program is a statewide 4-H program which takes the participant through the total process of pork production from beginning to end. Youth select a feeder pig and grow it to harvesting weight, all the while keeping records on feed amounts and costs, health care, expenses, weights, etc. After harvesting the hog and processing it into wholesale or retail cuts, 4-H'ers cure the hams and prepare bacon and sausage for smoking. The project concludes by participating in a retail comparison project, completing a record book, and presenting a demonstration or illustrated talk to the other participants.

Enrollment in Hog & Ham is limited to a maximum of 30 4-H members. The number of youth per county will be determined by the number of counties participating. The complete program procedures and schedule are emailed to agents in the winter and can also be found on this site.


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