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Small Ruminant Extension

Small Ruminant Extension

Sheep And Goats

Welcome to the University of Florida Small Ruminant page. This page provides small ruminant producers and enthusiasts with the latest research findings on management practices, nutritional requirements, health and reproductive practices of small ruminants.

Both goats and sheep are among the first animals domesticated by humans and are most consumed than any other animals worldwide. In addition, sheep and goats are multipurpose livestock species, as they are raised for meat, fiber, skins and milk.

Even though small ruminants’ meat and dairy products consumption is not as popular in United States, the number of small ruminant producers in United States is rising due to the increasing interest from consumers for alternative products and new taste experiences. Also, there is a great rise in production of small ruminant products to meet the demand from immigrants, who prefer sheep or goat products over beef, poultry and pork. These increases in demand are generating great interest of producers to improve management practices, and increase their knowledge in health, management, nutritional requirements and reproductive practices. The goal of the University of Florida small ruminant team is to help the further development and growth of the small ruminants’ industry in the United States.

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