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Florida International Dairy Academy

Florida International Dairy Academy

Program Description 

FIDA is an important component of the mission of the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences and is tailored to advance the knowledge of global dairy herd management and production. Dairy production is a complex system, FIDA courses are developed to take you to the forefront of practical and scientific knowledge in dairy production. Our program will prepare you for a technology-driven career applied to progressive dairy farms. 

Our exceptional faculty, in the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences, strive to address the challenges of climate change, food security and feeding a growing global population by providing relevant knowledge and training through cutting-edge teaching, research, and extension programs. FIDA is an initiative addressing food security through efficient, sustainable, and profitable dairy production.

Students will have access to the latest scientific and technological developments in dairy cattle nutrition, reproduction, genetics, and health and milk quality pertaining to all phases of dairy production.

The FIDA Professional Program is offered by the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences based on a sequence of comprehensive online courses taught by internationally renowned UF scientists. The FIDA Professional Program is a one-year program with a minimum of 12 completed units required for graduation. 

Our mission is to deliver a world-class educational experience focused on emerging technologies and practices that will enhance the ability of the dairy industry to provide consumers with high-quality milk in an economical, environmentally sustainable, and humane way around the world.