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Florida Dairy Extension

Florida Dairy Extension

Dairy Business Analysis Project

The Dairy Business Analysis Project (DBAP) involves analyses and benchmarking of the financial performance of dairy businesses in Florida and Georgia. DBAP has been suspended since 2010with the retirements of Russ Giesy (Florida) and Lane Ely (Georgia). No benchmark and summary reports are currently developed. We still offer individual cost of production and profitability analysis for dairy producers.

About the Program

The Dairy Business Analysis Project (DBAP) was started in 1996 in an effort to improve the financial performance of participating dairies in the Southeast of the U.S. Participants submit financial data, which are screened for completeness and validity. Benchmarks, such as averages and the financially most successful dairies, are calculated from the collected data.  Each dairy then receives a report detailing its unique strengths and constraints as far as financial performance.

Specific areas of the business where performance is benchmarked to other dairy businesses include operating, financing and investing activities. These benchmarks represent real and achievable levels of performance in Florida and Georgia. The data is also used for additional analyses to better understand the factors that make dairies financially successful.

All information is kept strictly confidential at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Extension personnel from the Universities of Florida and Georgia are collaborating in this effort to deliver meaningful financial performance information to their client dairies. 


Lane Ely
The University of Georgia
Department of Animal and
Dairy Science

Mary Sowerby
University of Florida
Extension Dairy Science

Albert De Vries
University of Florida
Department of Animal Sciences