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Florida Dairy Extension

Florida Dairy Extension

Manure Management / Biogas

BIOGAS, a web site dedicated to increasing the understanding of biogas production and utilization and how it can fit into sustainable energy production. provides information on the nature of biogas, the various types of feedstocks available, the various types of anaerobic digestion processes, and the types of final utilization technologies.


Opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through livestock waste management in Florida
Comparison of three enzyme immunoassays for measuring 17beta-estradiol in flushed dairy manure wastewater
Determination of steroidal estrogens in flushed dairy manure wastewater by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Bench-scale recovery of phosphorus from flushed dairy manure wastewater
Adsorption of viruses to soil: impact of anaerobic treatment
Fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed dairy manure after primary treatment: wastewater production and characterisation
Anaerobic Digestion: Biology and Benefits
Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure: Design and Process Considerations
Anaerobic Digestion of Flushed Dairy Manure
Animal Manure Management: Innovative Technology for Odor Control, Energy Production and Nutrient Recovery
Cost-effective and Environmentally Beneficial Dairy Manure Management Practices
Demonstration of On-site, In-vessel Dairy Manure Digestion (Cow Peat)
Nutrient Removal by Floating Aquatic Macrophytes Cultured in Anaerobically Digested Flushed Dairy Manure Wastewater
The Other Bio-energy Solution: the Case for Converting Organics to Biogas
Recovery of Dairy Manure Nutrients by Benthic Freshwater Algae