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Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences

Regional Webinar Series

Livestock Genetics and Genomics 

Hosted By:
American Society of Animal Science
Southern Section Extension Committee

All webinars are free, and anyone interested is welcome to join!

Program Schedule

TopicPresenterZoom link
Sept 30 1 PM Genetics Foundation: EPDs and genomic testing. Dr. Jon Beever , Univ. of Tennessee
Oct 7 , 1 PM Thermotolerance impacts on cattle performance.  Dr. Raluca Mateescu , Univ. of Florida
Oct 14 , 1 PM Genetics of hair coat shedding in cattle Dr. Trent Smith, Mississippi State Univ.
Oct 21 , 1 PM Fescue tolerance: role of genetics Dr. Scott Greiner, Virginia Tech
Oct 28 , 1 PM Genetics of feed efficiency in beef cattle  Dr. David Riley. Texas A&M
Nov 4 , 1 PM Using genome editing for livestock health Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, Univ. of California
Nov 11 , 1 PM Impact of genetic adaptation to environment on beef cattle. Dr. Jared Decker, Univ. of Missouri
Nov 18 , 1 PM Genomic testing in dairy cattle Dr. Francisco Peñagaricano , Univ. of Wisconsin
Dec 2 , 1 PM Genetic selection of small ruminants Dr. Andrew Weaver, North Carolina State Univ.

Dr. Philipe Moriel
Dr. Vitor Mercadante