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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Genetics and Genomics

The goal of the genetics and genomics group is to develop biological and quantitative tools to genetically improve livestock species of diverse genetic backgrounds under a variety of environmental conditions. The group conducts research in biological, qualitative, quantitative, methodological, computational, and economic aspects of genetic improvement of various livestock species. Extensive use of the various animal and laboratory resources of the Department of Animal Sciences is made to address these questions, in addition to using the University of Florida’s HiPerGator supercomputer.

Graduate students within Genetics and Genomics Group work on both applied and interdisciplinary research questions. Graduate students are stimulated to consider theoretical, computational, and developmental aspects in their research projects. Funding for research, postdoctoral and predoctoral scientists is available from State and Federal agencies, animal industry associations, and commercial partners.


Dr. Samantha Brooks

Dr. Peter J. Hansen

Dr. Raluca Mateescu