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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Management and Animal Products

Welfare and Behavior | Food safety | Precision farming | Sub-tropical management | Meat Sciences

The management and animal products group is composed of an intellectually diverse collection of faculty that broadly seek to improve the welfare, efficiency and sustainability of livestock production and animal products. The group focuses on a wide range of livestock species and management strategies to ensure the success of agricultural species in the 21st century. Ensuring animal welfare, profitable development and production of safe and healthy animal products through the animal life cycle is imperative to ensure socially acceptable standards are met during production of animal products.

Graduate students within the management and animal products group work on both applied and interdisciplinary research questions pertinent to various livestock species, specific stages within the life cycle and animal product quality and safety. Funding for research, postdoctoral and predoctoral scientists is available from State and Federal agencies, animal industry associations, and commercial partners