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Animal Sciences Academic Advisors

Undergraduate CoordinatorEmailPhone
Dr. Albert De Vries
ANS Bldg. 459, Room 100C 352-294-6983

Undergraduate Program AdvisorEmailPhone
Mrs. Alexis Strickland-Tilton
ANS Bldg. 459, Room 100A
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Mrs. Savannah Linzmaier
ANS Bldg. 459, Room 100B
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Graduate AdvisorEmailPhone
Renee Parks-James
ANS Bldg. 459, Room 100D 352-392-5615

Faculty Advisors

The first visit should be with Alexis Strickland-Tilton or Savannah Linzmaier. Subsequently, you may choose an advisor to serve as a faculty mentor for the remainder of your program from the list below.

If you click on their name, you can see their research and teaching interests.

Faculty AdvisorsEmailLocation
Dr. Samantha Brooks ANS Bldg., 459, Room 231F
Dr. Chad Carr ANS Bldg., 459, Room 224B  
Ms. Amie Imler 
Internship Coordinator
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ANS Bldg., 459, Room 231E  
Dr. Antonio Faciola
Honors Coordinator Red Larson Bldg., 499, Room 204B 
Mr. Joel McQuagge  ANS Blg., 459, Room 210B  
Dr. Emily Miller-Cushon  Red Larson Bldg., 499, Room 104E 
Dr. Jason Scheffler ANS Bldg., 459, Room 231G 
Dr. Tracy Scheffler ANS Bldg., 459, Room 210F 
Dr. Todd Thrift ANS Bldg., 459, Room 210C 
Ms. Allyson Trimble
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ANS Bldg, 459 Room 224D
Dr. Lori Warren ANS Bldg., 459, Room 210F 
Dr. Carissa Wickens ANS Blidg., 459, Room 231B