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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Know Your Heifer

Optimizing Replacement Beef Heifer Development in Florida

The Know Your Heifer Program is an extension service to beef producers. In the 2020-2021 breeding season, we enrolled over 2,000 heifers in more than 20 beef operations across Florida. We confirmed that half of all immature heifers were still open in the end of the breeding season. Participation in the program enabled producers to make cost-effective management decisions, such as culling or delaying breeding, based on the evaluation of heifers. Additionally, we established a statewide system to collect, summarize and compare information on the reproductive potential and performance of replacement beef heifers. Beef operations were ranked and producers could see how they measured up. To see the Final Report and Florida Ranking (2020-2021) or to pre-enroll online in the 2021-2022 Know Your Heifer Program, read on.

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