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Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships

August 3-7, 2022, Perry, GA

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The SRHC Organizing Committee is proud to host the 2022 Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships! With the coorperation of the Horse Speacialists from 13 southeastern states, Southern Regionals is the only event of its kind in the nation.

*The information posted here is currently being updated for 2022. Previoius 2021 materials will be replaced with 2022 information as it is confirmed.*

Southern Regionals will be held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry, GA on August 3-7. The Hippology and Horse Bowl Contests will be on Wednesday, August 3. Demonstrations, Public Speaking, Horse Judging and the judging phase of Hippology will be on Thursday, August 4. The opening ceremony and awards presentation for all of the educational contests will be Thursday evening in Reaves arena. The horse show portion is from Thursday afternoon through Sunday, August 7.

The site contains most of the information you will need to start planning for the event. For detailed information specific to your state, look for communications from your State Horse Specialist.


  • **SRHC Program/Patterns App**

    SRHC Event Information App

    Instead of providing printed programs, we offer every exhibitor, parent, coach, etc. access to the show app. This app allows you access to patterns, announcements, order of go, maps, and more through an easy-to-use app that can be downloaded to your phone. Please keep in mind that this app will constantly be updated before and during the show but will provide you with the most up-to-date information. To download the app, please use the following link:

  • Equine Health Certificate

    From the GA Dept of Ag:

    "In order to transport your equine across state lines, a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) and negative test for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA-Coggins) is required. The CVI, commonly known as a health certificate, requires that a veterinarian inspect your horse for signs of contagious or infectious diseases to assure that the equine appears healthy."

    Health Certificates are usually good for 30 days. Be prepared to show your horses' health certificates and negative Coggins tests at any Ag Inspection Stations or to any State authority who asks.

    You must present your horse’s Coggins test and health certificate at check-in. Show management will have the copies sent with entries on hand for the duration of the show.

    Full Georgia Statute:

    Rule 40-13-2-.12. Equine

    (1) Equine entering Georgia must be accompanied by an official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and shall originate from premises free of any contagious or infectious disease and shall not have been exposed to any contagious or infectious disease prior to or during shipment.
    (2) All equine must be negative to an official test for equine infectious anemia within twelve (12) months prior to entry with test results, test dates, accession numbers, and name and address of the approved testing laboratories recorded on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Nursing foals under six (6) months of age will be exempt from the test requirement when accompanied by their dam which has a current negative test for equine infectious anemia.
    (3) All equine must be negative to a test approved by the State Veterinarian for equine piroplasmosis if they originate from an area determined by the State veterinarian to pose a risk for introduction of piroplasmosis. The test results and test dates must be recorded on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Once imported into Georgia, these equine will be quarantined and retested at the owners expense for equine piroplasmosis between thirty (30) and sixty (60) days after importation.
    (4) All equine positive to an official equine infectious anemia test, or to an official equine piroplasmosis test, or to an official brucellosis test, or which show evidence of poll evil or fistulous withers whether draining or not, may not enter Georgia except by special permit issued by the State Veterinarian.

  • Advance Bedding Order

    Complete this form to pre-purchase shavings. All Advanced Bedding Orders will be placed in the stall listed on the pre-order form. Please note that this is an arrangement directly with the facility, and not show management.

  • Stall Mat Rentals

    Elite Stall Mat Rentals will be on-site for your optional use. Contact them directly to reserve stall mats, 855-MATS-200, or online here.

  • Golf Cart Rentals

    Golf carts can be rented through Danny Crook at Southern Equipment Company, (478) 472-8565. Contact them directly to make your arrangements.

  • Hunter Schooling Times

    Your $15 Jumping fee gives you access to two different schooling times over the course.

    The course will be open on Thursday evening from 8 pm to 11 pm. Riders should check in with the schooling supervisor at the gate of Sutherland to be placed in a rotation for schooling in keeping with their pony or horse height during this open schooling. A maximum of 6 horses will be allowed in the ring at one time, and trainers must be courteous of others in the ring when setting jumps.  Riders and trainers who are monopolizing jumps, jump heights, or practicing unsafe techniques will be excused from the ring by the steward. A maximum of 20 minutes per individual horse/rider combination will be allowed in their jumping session on Thursday.

    The Friday morning Schooling will be run as an unjudged class with an order of go over a set course. Riders with three refusals will be excused from the warm-up class. Riders missing their order of go will not be moved down in the order and forfeit their warm-up class opportunity on Friday morning.

  • Demonstration Entrants

    Southern Regionals will provide the computer, projector, and screen for any Power Point Presentations in both the Individual and Team Demonstration contests. If you are using Power Point or any other projected images, bring the files on a USB drive to upload. They must be Microsoft compatible and Power Point 2006 or newer (preferebly 2010 or newer; nothing that will only work on Apple hardware/software). Presentations may be brought for upload to the Roquemore lobby between 6-7pm on Wednesday, or if unable to make that time, to the 7am check-in on Thursday. Please note that this applies IF you are using a computer, it does not mean you MUST use the computer for visuals.

  • Facility Tour

    Never been to the Georgia National Fairgrounds? Here's a sneak peek in photos of what to expect!