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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

4-H/FFA Judging Cards -
Livestock, Horse, Meats Judging Contests

Thank you for taking a moment to review the various cards that will be used in the judging contests. At each contest we find a surprising number of cards that have the team/individual numbers not written in, class placings listed incorrectly (for example, placed 1-2-3-1), or placings choice being relayed in some creative way instead of simply circling the placing chosen. Being comfortable with the cards and knowing how to fill them out will give you one less thing to worry about at the contest. Follow the links below for examples of contest's cards.

*Placing Card for Horse* (2010-current)

- *Livestock Judging Card* (2015-current, same as FFA)

- *Meats Judging Card* (beginning 2020)

-*Poultry Judging Card* (beginning 2020)

Suggestions that apply to all judging contestants:

  • ALL participants must bring a pencil to judging contests.
  • Name and county should be written legibly where indicated.
  • Individual number and group letter should be written in the space provided.
  • Do not fold, tear, or dog-ear the corners of the cards.
  • Circle your placing or mark your evaluation choices at the end of a class when you are sure of them. If you have to erase, do so completely.
  • Guard your cards from the curious eyes of those around you.
  • Make sure you enter the correct class # & title on your placings or evaluation cards for the class that you are judging.
  • On scantron cards, darken the circles completely
    (as opposed to crossing, checking, circling, etc.)

Old Cards

**Cards linked below are not currently used for any of the State level contests. **

Old Scantron Cards: Previously used for Livestock, Horse, and/or Meats. Still listed here for reference in case they are being used at other judging events.
Old Placing Card (blue) - Livestock, Horse, and Meats
Old Evaluation/Keep-Cull Card (pink) - Used for Livestock only
Old Beef Evaluation Card (green) - Used for Livestock only

And for how NOT to turn in cards, here are some samples of actual cards turned in by participants at the contests in Tampa. Cards like these were the inspiration for putting together this help page!

- Bad Evaluation/Keep-Cull Card (pink)
- Bad Beef Evaluation Cards (green)
- Bad Placing Cards (blue)