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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Equine Sciences Center

Established in 1969, this nutritional and reproductive research facility is a 320-acre complex located seven miles north of Ocala in Marion County, the center of Florida's horse breeding industry. The unit provides facilities for research on issues important to the horse industry.

Unit Facilities

  • Broodmare barn: 20 stalls, two sets of stocks, feed room, storage room, weight scale room, laboratory, office, restroom with shower, two wash racks paddocks and light pen 
  • Laboratory complex: three laboratories, classroom, restrooms with showers, stocks room with two sets of stocks, two horse stalls, feed storage room, four holding paddocks, teasing chute, breeding phantom, and European hot walker.
  • Research barn – 8 oversized stalls and 4 attached runout paddocks
  • Three one-acre stallion paddocks with shelters.
  • Maintenance shed and yard.
  • Residences: Farm Manager's residence, one double-wide trailer for three UF students and one single-wide trailer for two UF students.

The Equine Sciences Program maintains a breeding herd of 25 Quarter Horse mares and four Quarter Horse stallions split between two facilities.  Most offspring are sold in our annual Sale in the Swamp as 2-year-olds started under saddle by the Psychology and Training and Intermediate Horse Training classes with a few select yearlings sold in the sale.


Primary research efforts conducted at the center are:

  • Nutritional factors influencing skeletal development in growing horses - emphasis is on trace mineral levels, mineral interrelationships, and bone mineral content.
  • Mechanisms of seasonal reproduction in mares - key effort is to develop tools to control the springtime transition of reproductive activity.

Contact Information

2655 NW 100th St
Ocala, FL 34475

Business Hours:
7:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday
*By appointment only

Contact Information:
Angela Chandler 
Telephone: 352-376-0562