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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Guidelines for Projects at Research Units

For more information, contact Jerry Wasdin.

 PROPOSAL – This is a tool for the unit coordinator and manager to determine what will be required for the project (number of cows, labor, feed and any other special requirements).  The project will then be discussed with principle investigator (PI). A Beef Unit – Farm Information Sheet
(368KB .pdf) or Dairy Unit – Farm Information Sheet (94KB .pdf) can be turned in, at this time, as an information guide.  If the IACUC number has not been issued, it can be presented later, but has to be in hand before the project can start.  At the time of submission, the unit manager will provide an estimate of any time delay before the anticipated start of the project.  Note:  This step is not to determine if a particular project will or will not be done, only to determine if cows, facilities, labor or other requirements can be met.  If there is any question of whether a project will or will not be done, it is to be decided by the Beef and Dairy Group, in conjunction with the department Chair.. 

PROJECT ORDER – Since cows and facilities are at a premium, PI that submit a request and follow the guidelines will be given priority in the received order of their request (if requesting use of the same cattle or facilities). 

PROTOCOL, IACUC NUMBER AND FARM INFORMATION SHEET – This needs to be in hand before the project starts. 

PROJECT STARTS – Projects will need to start on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, unless there is a pre-arranged agreement. Please provide Jerry Wasdin with a copy of the approved protocol in an electronic form.

MEETING – Preferably the week before the project starts – the PI, technician, and graduate students are to meet with unit personnel (ones that will be involved with the project) to discuss what will be going on during the project and any special requirements. 

COMMUNICATION – The PI, technician, and graduate students will need to communicate with the unit personnel (appropriate area) if any changes are to be made.  The unit director will respond to any complaints in this area. The unit personnel will notify the PI before any deviation from the protocol.

PROJECT COMPLETION – After the project data has been summarized, the faculty and graduate students should provide a summary of the results for the unit employees.