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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Joel McQuagge

Associate — Equine Behavior and Management

  • Custom Saddlemaker 25+ years
  • Horse Trainer for a variety of disciplines
  • Facilities design and development


  • Teaching

    Area of Specialty: Horsemanship, Horse Psychology, and Training.

    Course Overview and Objectives:

    • ANS4238L Horse Psychology & Training
      Examination of the methods by which horses communicate learn and are trained
      Students are individually assigned a two-year-old to train to lead, tie, longe, drive, trailer load, and clip
      Horses are started under saddle and ridden in the round pen and arena
    • ANS4241L Intermediate Horse Training
      Continuation of 4238L
      Horses are further trained and ridden in differing situations
      Commercial training methods and training aids are evaluated
      Students exhibit horses to potential buyers and produce the annual Sealed Bid Sale
    • ANS3239 Techniques in Equine Science
      Lecture/lab course for novice equine enthusiasts and those needing more experience for employment
      Management topics are demonstrated and applied
      1/3 of the course is taught under saddle
    • ANS4905 Special Problems in Behavior and Training
      Specialized course to address training methods or problem correction in riding horses
    • ANS3934 Careers in the Livestock Industry
      Introduction to careers in the livestock industry
      Students are taught career exploration, preparation, networking, and job placement
      Students are exposed to a variety of industry leaders via invited speakers
    • ANS4232L Techniques in Farrier Science
      Students are taught to evaluate and trim a horse’s hoof
      Corrective farrier techniques are evaluated
    • ANS3239L Ranch Horse Management
      The course is designed to give beef-oriented students an opportunity to understand how horses are best utilized by cow-calf, stocker, and feedlot operations.
      Students develop and improve skills used by ranches employing horses on a daily basis.
      Ranch horse safety and the effects of employee injury on Worker’s Comp costs are examined.
  • Extension

    Area of Specialty

    Youth and adult programming on a variety of equine topics.



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