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Animal Sciences Department

Animal Sciences Department

Dr. Lori Warren

Associate Professor — Equine Nutritionist

Dr. Warren directs the equine nutrition program at the University of Florida. Her research evaluates the effects of nutrition on immune function, athletic performance, and reproduction in horses. She also works on identifying management and nutrition solutions that will help to minimize the environmental impact of horse manure on water quality.


  • Research

    Research Summary

    My research program focuses primarily in three areas: 1) nutrition to enhance immune function (eg, with omega 3/6 fatty acids, trace minerals, amino acids, beta glucans); 2) nutrition to enhance athletic performance (eg, antioxidant status, muscle physiology); and 3) nutrient excretion and the environment (phosphorus, nitrogen). I also periodically branch into other areas that may involve nutrition, such as the impact of nutrition on reproductive function in mares, as well as the use of nutrition to modulate behavior and cognitive function in young horses.

  • Teaching

    Area of Speciality: Equine Nutrition

    Courses Taught

    • ANS 3405 Equine Nutrition & Feeding Management, Fall, 2 credits 
    • ANS 3079L Relationship of Form to Function in Horses, Spring, 2 credits
    • ANS 6711 Current Concepts in Equine Nutrition, Fall of odd-numbered years, 2 credits
    • VEM 5220 Basic Veterinary Nutrition, Spring
    • VEM 5335 Equine Internal Medicine, Fall



PO Box 110910
Gainesville, FL 32611

Physical Address:
2250 Shealy Dr.
Room 210G-B, 459
Gainesville, FL 32611

  • Education


    • 2000 University of Kentucky, Department of Animal Sciences – dual emphasis in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
    • 1995 University of Kentucky, Department of Animal Sciences – Equine Nutrition
    • 1993 University of Wyoming, Department of Animal Science
  • Publications
    • TBA
  • Professional Service and Awards
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