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Summer and Fall Registration FAQ

General Student FAQ

  • What can I expect from my Primarily Classroom/Traditional, Hybrid or 100% online classes?

    Primarily Classroom/Traditional: These class sections will meet regularly in-person at a scheduled time. Students will be expected to be present unless they have an approved absence. 

    Hybrid: Courses offered 80-99% online are considered hybrid classes. A hybrid course will be primarily delivered online but will have a small number of in-person experiences that will differ from class to class. Hybrid courses will include animal sciences classes that have a lecture portion and a lab component where the hands-on experiences are considered integral to meeting the learning objectives. 

    100% Online: These courses are being offered in a completely virtual format. These courses may be offered synchronously or asynchronously. Students in Synchronous online classes will be expected to meet at a specified class time, interact and engage with the class, and should have their video enabled whenever possible. Asynchronous means that you are not required to view the lecture at a specific time, but will be expected to work through the course material and meet assignment deadlines on your own. Students who will not be living in Gainesville for the spring should make sure to select the 100% online sections of their courses. 

    **Some courses will be offering BOTH a Primarily Classroom/Traditional section with limited seating and a 100% online section of the same class. Pay careful attention to which section you register for. **

  • How do I meet with my advisor?

    The Animal Sciences Advising Office will be conducting meetings virtually via zoom for the fall semester. 

    1. At your assigned appointment time you will need to join Zoom using the Zoom waiting room link for your advisor.
    2. You will be placed in a virtual waiting room. It is important to remain logged in until we are able to meet.
    3. Once we are available, we will admit you to the advising session.
      1. If you have a graduation plan or materials you want us to review please email them to us right before your appointment time so we can access it during our meeting.

    If you do not have an appointment you can “walk-in” using the same zoom links as above. Walk-in hours will be 9:30am- Noon and 1:00pm- 3:30pm. Depending on other appointments and availability, it may take a little time to be seen, but we will try our best to get to you in a timely manner. If we are available, our Zoom links will be open. If we are out of the office or neither Allyson nor Zoe are available for walk-ins, our zoom links will be closed. Check back in later, schedule an appointment, or email us a list of questions.

    If you are unable to use Zoom and would prefer phone advising, please let us know via email and we will arrange a time and exchange numbers.

    Undergraduate Program AdvisorsEmailPhoneZoom Waiting Room
    Ms. Allyson Trimble
    ANS Bldg., 459, Room 100A
    Book an appointment 352-392-9739
    Ms. Zoe Bowden
    ANS Bldg., 459, Room 100B
    Book an appointment 352-392-2455

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Do I need to wear a mask while on campus?

    Yes, masks must be worn in all UF buildings which includes the animal sciences and dairy science buildings, and any time you are unable to maintain social distance. 

  • What if I get sick?

    Students who test positive or who have been exposed to a confirmed positive case will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days and will be provided alternative assignments for any missed coursework. 

    It is imperative that any individuals who believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19 contact the Student Health Care Center at (352) 392-1161 to discuss symptoms with a nurse or medical provider before your visit to ensure proper protective measures are taken to prevent further risk of spread to others. Additionally, telehealth visits and phone triage are also available to assist patients with COVID-19 concerns. If you don’t already have a UFHealth MyChart account, you can register for one and activate it immediately by logging onto Download of the Zoom app is required for telehealth visits.