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Hippology Practice Tests

These are a few of the materials used in the 2011 State contest. These materials will not be used again exactly as is, but they will give you an idea of what to expect the tests to look like. See the "Contest Description" link for more details on the subject matter that may be asked. Be sure to look at the scantron sheet at the bottom and that youth bring their pencils!

Intermediate Written Test

Senior Written Test - The answers are in "hidden text" after each question. So, you can print the file without the answers showing for it to be used as a test. To reveal the answers and references, click the"File" tab (or the upper-left Window icon in older Word versions), then "Options" (or on the pop-up, choose "Word Options"). On the Options screen, select "Display" on the left menu, then check "Hidden Text" so it will show. If you want the answers to print for use as a key, also select, "Print hidden text". When that box is OK'd away, the answers and references will show on the screen. Or, follow the same procedures to 'uncheck' that option if the answers are showing when the document is opened and you want them hidden.

Questions for Slides - Int and Sr - Questions 1-25 of the exam are asked about slides shown to the group at once. We do not share those slides since they are reused, but you can look at the questions to see the types of questions that are asked. (There is no hidden text key on these.)

Team Problems - Int and Sr - The "prepared" team problem for Seniors just means that teams will have 10 minutes to plan a solution to the given problem and then 5-7 minutes to present it (with the remaining time of the 10 minute presentation window being for questions from the judge[s]). There will also be one or two "impromptu" problems where teams will be presented a problem and, without any prep time, will have to give a solution in the same 7 minutes (with 3 minutes for questions). These will likely be explaining the use of some pieces of equipment, demonstrating how to apply something, etc. Regardless of the type of team problem, all senior problems entail giving a response orally. Intermediates will be given a problem that can be responded to with a list of written solutions. Intermediates will have an hour to work on their solution and there is no oral presentation.


There is not much that can be shared online about the stations since it is all visual ID most of the materials are reused. There will be diagrams of things to label parts, actual equipment to identify, and more pictures to identify and/or answer questions about. There are 20 "stations" with 5 things to identify or answer on each. They will be set up in a rotation so everyone will start at once at a different station and rotate through the line until everyone has completed all of the stations. Incorporated into the 20 stations will be a few stops specifically related to feeds. The feed problems will either entail identifying grains, placing a class of feedstuffs or feed labels for a given situation, or answering questions about feedstuffs or labels. Youth will have 2 minutes per station and will have their backs turned to the stations before and after that 2 minutes (while rotating).


Like Stations, there is not much content we can share here. The classes will be live horses or videos with four horses per class and the youth will rank them according to how they would place the four horses. Beginning 2017, there will be no questions or reasons in the Hippology contest.


Responses for the written exam portion and stations portion will be given on a typical, generic scantron sheet. Please be sure the youth know to completely fill in the rectangle of the answer of their choice. These rectangles should not be colored in to giant circle/bubbles, nor checked, circled, or marked in any way other than darkening in the rectangle. 1-50 are on the front, 51-100 are on the back. Youth need to bring a pencil!

Hippology scantron