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The Reproductive Biology Group is comprised of research faculty with diverse interests that use collaborative efforts to improve reproductive efficiency and performance of large animals. Research areas span from basic biology to the incorporation of translational approaches to identify, ameliorate and improve reproductive performance of key agricultural species while also developing biomedical models for human research. Laboratory initiatives include gamete and embryo biology, uterine health, genomics, and gene editing using whole animal models to address important questions in reproductive biology. The questions being addressed by the Reproductive Biology Group aim to ultimately improve animal production. Resources available to the faculty support globally renowned research programs and include multiple animal and research units for dairy, beef, equine, swine, and small ruminants that promote local and international collaboration. Research is supported by USDA-NIFA, NIH, state funding, industry partners, and stakeholders.

Reproductive Biology Faculty: 

Dr. Mario Binelli
Dr. John Bromfield
Dr. Brad Daigneault
Dr. Angela M. Gonella
Dr. Peter. J. Hansen
Dr. Philipe Moriel
Dr. José Eduardo P. Santos